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» eBay+Skype: Royal Wedding or Royal Mistake? from ThinkLocal
There are three factors that will determine the success or failure of the Skype acquisition for eBay: (1) integration with eBay properties (obvious); (2) the market evolution of computer VOIP toward a proprietary v. open network; (c) the evolution of... [Read More]

» Communal delusions from Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog
A defense of the eBay-Skype deal falls flat. [Read More]

» Communal delusions from Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog
A defense of the eBay-Skype deal falls flat. [Read More]

» Why eBay Is Buying Skype from Tech Beat
Here's my quick take, below, an edited version of which will appear in a few hours at businessweek.com. CEO Meg Whitman & Co. gave an impassioned rationale for the deal. I can certainly see that if Skype meets its ambitious... [Read More]

» John Hagel on eBay And Skype from Get Real
John Hagel does a great job asking the tough questions about the eBay purchase of Skype: [from Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: EBay and Skype] I agree that adding voice to transactions makes for richer communication and reduces friction, especially... [Read More]

» More on eBay and Skype from Tech, Knowledge, and Community
From John Hagel: ...The eBay presentation talks eloquently and at length about the role of Skype in accelerating commerce... [Read More]



Fellow readers,
lend me your ears... and eyes?
I need help, I work in a video-IP company and we are competitors of Skype. We do everything Skype does and more. We have chipsets, products, solutions and customer based is growing 100+ per day... but we need help. If your interested in competing with Skype, pls email me at nichicandy (a) yahoo . com

Also... to Mr.John Hagel... great post. I think Ebay may have paid too much... but in high multiples... you need to keep the pple guessing (pssst... I worked in Investment Banking for years... the guys in NY need a short reason to keep the PE ratios high... it is all just a game! and Ebay is playing everyone real well.)


Great post!

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