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» John Hagel: Consumer Electronics Show - in Shanghai? from ChristianSarkar.com
"I expect that we may not see CES in Las Vegas that much longer. Any bets on when it will move to Shanghai?" The global innovation landscape is changing. And Hagel's got his finger on the pulse.... [Read More]


steven davies

That is the best consumer electronics show I have ever seen:)
But I tend to agree with Vinnie that US is the wprld leader:)

Vinnie Mirchandani

John, not entirely true. In software and tech services, the US is still a world leader but India and China have started their assault there too.

BTW - if you want a spreadsheet of all the 2,700 exhibitors at CES last week to do an analysis by country I can send it to you...

Alexander Osterwalder

It's probably a little similar to the story of disruptive innovations - starting out in areas neglected by the big players by lowering costs. And then, out of nowhere... competing in the prime market. Warm regards from Chiang Mai, Alex.

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