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Human capital is one of the most important focuses for leaders and you have highlighted some good thoughts for contemplation.

I have a tendency to generalize the focus of talent in three phases:
1. discovering and recruiting
2. developing and mentoring
3. sustaining and retaining

Whatever paradigm is used, leaders need to codify and review their focus on talent.

Jonathan Frye
Leadership Blog

John Maloney

Hi --

What is in-play is a transformation of the firm from TCE (transaction-cost economics) to the KBV (knowledge-based view.)

In KBV the firm is a unique social construct. It is a set of potent networks that create and monetize knowledge. These value networks are irreproducible and sustain mighty competitiveness.

As noted, with the KBV, talent and leadership development is intensely collaborative and flow centered. This usurps traditional talent and leadership development models, measures, offerings and their proponents. It unnerves the typical command-and-control TCE mangers. KBV talent methods include conversation, network analysis, value visualization, complexity science, individuated social media and knowledge markets.

The leadership goal for KBV talent is mastery of distributed phronesis -- wisdom in determining ends and the means of attaining them.


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