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Andre Anjos

It's so obvious but at the same time these are things we need to be reminded of, constantly. Exactly what I needed to hear. Count me in.


I really needed this message this week. Thank you!


Makes me feel hopeful and reminds me that I'm not wrong when i say i want to do something that matters! thank you!


Very well said!!




great piece..


Me too!

Ramon Prat

I'm in!


Completely agree. I'm in.

Esupatham Nelson

I'm in. I believe in these things

Roger Long

You had me at "what we each can do to make our work more meaningful and have greater impact"! Thanks and count me in!

Jeff Schwartz

I'm in. 100%.


I am in 100%. This is what life is about!


Thank you...I'm in!


Love it! I'm particularly inspired by #5 about the relationship between us and institutions and #9 about being on the edge - closer to the next frontier.


Yes. Thank you.

Jenna Dixon

In. +1 to Sam Penrose's comment as well.

Chong Lee Khoo

All in!


I join. Beginning with the 11th commandment here.


Totally onboard!


Count me in!

Jean Russell

Love this... AND, the command to never ever settle sounds quite fantastic and encouraging. However, it does not allow us a freedom we need to indeed settle on the things that matter less to us. Nor does it take into account when two values come into conflict and we need to either chose one over the other or find a balance between them. Can you qualify the "do not settle" statement by saying "do not settle or compromise yourself on what matters most to you."

bonnie tarses

Absolutely what I desired to hear this morning came through The Bamboo Blog

Alice MacGillivray

It is easy to forget that many of these ideas are still foreign to people locked into thinking from other times in history. Thank you for crafting this.

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