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Fenia Petran


This is a visionary approach to replacing our current higher education system.
And it basically extends your smart philosophy from the Edge. Outstanding, really brilliant.

Martijn Linssen

De-institutionalisation FTW! Well put John. I especially like the matriarchical touch. Where do I sign?


Thanks John for once again articulating clearly and passionately a new and adaptive set of capacities for individual and collective (institutional)behaviors. I am all in!


Please add my John Hancock to your manifesto!

Joris Claeys

Fully endorsing the idea to focus our energy on building the new. Thanks John




I essentially did same many years ago John, and have been working towards systems that attempt to do much the same, realizing that many large institutions will be with us for our duration anyway. The only couple issues I see in first scan is that one person's passion can be and often is another's poison--some very destructive passions out there, and feminine qualities are not necessarily better. I support the intent but not the outcomes that still scar in both.

But important message is spot on--and timely as the founding docs are full of such wisdom. We are all born into this world as individuals--rare case of conjoined twins, and we all leave this life as individuals. While our social and organizational relationships are obviously critical, the mutually beneficial relationships (worth keeping) are those that recognize this frankly genius found in the U.S. structure.

As radical as it sounds, you and I both know it isn't--the best managed organizations and leaders embrace much the same philosophy.

I happen to know of a great system that does just this -- Vint Cerf found the misspelled word in the patent, and just this week in WSJ said something like "orgs are finally realizing how important adaptive data can be. NLP & AI may well make the Internet far more of value than it is today".

I first started discussing our R&D with Vint back in mid-90s…

Good work John and nice contribution. I hope the cure is as viral as the disease has been -- we'd really have something to celebrate then.


Mark Montgomery
Founder & CEO

Jon Husband

I'll sign that. The last sentence is pretty clear.

Does that mean you yourself are getting pretty tired of "business more or less as usual" ?

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