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Hi John,

if I had to bet on a future state of the economy & work, I'd put my money on exactly the scenario you fleshed out.

Recently I came to the same conclusion when tackling the problem from the opposite side. In a piece called The Company of the Future I looked at current trends (the gig economy among them) which I consider indicative.

Adding to your points, I think that Microservices & APIs as well as Blockchains are also important enablers for such a decentralized economy.

However, having all that said I think two things mustn't be underestimated:

1. The resilience of the current system. For a myriad of reasons, any timeline will be considerable longer than we'd hope for (in case we consider such a scenario desirable).

2. It's a social challenge. Such an economy is all well and good when the dividends are distributed fairly (note: that's not equally). However, if most of the profit is captured by central platforms - as is the current trend in tech businesses - then the outlook is much bleaker.

Lust but not least here's the link to the piece I mentioned before: https://medium.com/digital-hills/the-company-of-the-future-2220e96c8a6a#.i92gczihe


How about the abundance economy?

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