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Phil Radcliffe

Elon Musk has indicated that AI is the greatest danger we face. Most heuristic AI models are goal driven where today's solution is an "improvement" over yesterday"s solution. The difficulty is in determining and measuring improvement and improvement values. Productivity of some type is generally employed but that can be dangerous as Mr. Musk warns.

Jamshid Mobasser

Very instructive article,it would be more if reslistic everyday example is mentionef

Howard Fields

John: Great post. I’ve been reading your books and articles for at least 20 years and always enjoy your take on things. This article is the most important advice people in the workforce need to hear today. The key to success is learning how to learn and then doing so with increasing efficiency over time. Thanks.

Stacy Gjetnes

Hi John,

This is the first article of yours I've read and it's outstanding. I completely agree with you and this concept really is a (needed) game changer. It's ironic because growing up, I thought you could follow your passion OR make a good pay check and I have found that you NEED to follow your passion TO make the best paycheck. Thank you for sharing. I am excited to read many more of your articles.

-Stacy Gjetnes

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