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John Hagel

Ross - Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the clean-up - the notes are really useful.

I'm not sure the ownership is that clear-cut. As an example, I went to del.icio.us and looked hard for some kind of statement of ownership regarding tags and couldn't find anything. Admittedly, they are still in alpha release, but it is interesting that there is no explicit discussion of this. Are the users of del.icio.us creating public tags or private tags? I suspect the ownership issues will be difficult to sort out even for "public" tags, much like the contributions of participants in online discussion boards.

Ross Mayfield

Similarly cryptic notes from the PC Forum session here: http://www.corante.com/many/archives/2005/03/22/pc_forum_roundtable_on_tagging.php

I did clean up some of the notes for this post: http://ross.typepad.com/blog/2005/03/tagging_in_the_.html

Who owns the tags depends on the context. Public tags are common pool resources. Private are owned. Within an organization, its an organization's.

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