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Frank Ruscica


I'm about to roll out details of the above at OpportuniTV.com. Would you be interested in reviewing, en route to our doing a little interview, via e-mail, that I can blog?

Thanks kindly for any consideration,


Frank Ruscica

The importance of attention has been downplayed because the powerful execs of yesterday and today have no expertise in profitably attracting attention, a la Trump (who was just lucky, not skilled).

But w/ the success of the Apprentice, the genie is out of the bottle.

Now savvy entrepreneurs know that a key source of competitive advantage is being able to market *profitably* through entertainment programming set at the startup.

And networks will all but surely be receptive to these programs, as the networks will be able to extract an equity stake in the startups at a time when the networks' historic biz model is coming undone.

And of course, the savvy startup will leverage the attention to attract a critical mass of participants to its process network :-)

FWIW, here's how my startup is planning to execute the above (from the summary of our biz plan):

From time immemorial to the present day, countless many have worked exceedingly hard -- and, when necessary, dared everything -- to make the institutions of the human community more inclusive and meritocratic.

Building on the efforts of these great spirits, The Opportunity Services Group (OSG) will establish and manage the world's leading 'workflow market' (i.e., process network) for customized education and career services (CECS).

Learning and earning from the market will enable OSG to be the first CECS provider to offer financing for Individual Career Plans (ICPs).

Subsequent learning and earning will allow OSG to steadily decrease the cost of securing an ICP loan, and to steadily increase the amount of loan capital available.

Going forward, then, no company will do more than OSG to democratize educational and economic opportunity as nearly as may be.

Establishing a liquid CECS market starts with creating rewards for people who most quickly provide consumers with good information about CECS suppliers and the payoffs from different CECS curricula.

Creating these rewards starts with establishing a service that transparently coordinates the placement of advertisements on blogs, and that delivers 100% of the net revenues to bloggers and key complementors.

Establishing a transparent blog-ad market that can be run at minimal (marginal) cost -- thereby maximizing bloggers' take-home -- starts with establishing a workflow market that will facilitate bringing together the complementary talents needed to create video content. The video workflow market will also feature:

* an auction-based market to facilitate the insertion of advertisements and product placements into the videos

* an Amazon.com-style affiliate program to facilitate distribution

Attracting a critical mass of complementors to OSG's video workflow market ASAP, and at minimal cost -- or profitably -- starts with securing distribution on network television for a situation comedy set at OSG.

The sitcom will appeal to the TV networks, not least because the CECS industry is exceedingly likely to be the leading creator of good jobs for Americans over the coming decades.

In return for supplying distribution, a TV network can be expected to seek a large ownership stake in OSG.

OSG can minimize the size of this stake by making all of the networks aware of us and our sitcom -- Land of OpportuniTV -- in a way that also makes each network aware that all of the other networks are aware of us.

Programming executives from all of the major networks are affiliated with the 2005 New York Television Festival, which will be held from September 28th through October 3rd.

The deadline for submissions of pilot episodes is August 1st.

By early August at the latest, then, OSG will have created a seller's market for our sitcom/company.


Also, just for fun, here's a bit about the sitcom:

Land of OpportuniTV will be set at OSG. The show will center on Frank Ruscica's comic plight as OSG's CEO: like many men, he wants to succeed in his professional life and also be the best boyfriend, and later husband and father, he can. In his case, achieving this balance:

* is complicated by the magnitude of the stakes in the early market for CECS

* will be further complicated by company-affiliated actresses, who will routinely seek to make a very favorable impression on him with their beauty, their charms more generally, and the latest innovations from the burgeoning sciences of enhancing desirability (including tactics derived from the psychologies of attraction and persuasion, as described in, respectively, Fisher’s Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love and Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion)

(Frank's sitcom girlfriend (i.e., the female lead) will have a similar comic plight as a function of her professional life. More generally, then, Land will explore how a couple can manage when both partners are routinely set upon by individuals who utilize state-of-the-science techniques to enhance their desirability.)

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