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Russell Thomas

> The authors develop a map of the relevant disciplines comprised of seven lenses and seven levers, creating a very rich terrain to survey.
>In fact, at times it becomes too rich - I began to hunger for the classic two by two matrix that is the foundation of consulting.

As you know, there are two types of consultants in the world -- those that model the world with two-by-two matrices and those who don't. And there are also two types of clients -- those that can understand two-by-two matrices and those that do not.

When you combine these two dimensions, of course you get a two-by-two matrix that completely describes the consulting business.


Jim Wilde

Hey John,

Thanks for the mention. Sadly though, many of the management people I talk with (solicit, cold call) that need to understand these ideas are not getting the message - at least from me. Of course, you're in a better position to know what's on the minds of corp execs than I am (small time). We have a killer-app - Ideascape - that enables businesses to do things with ease they've never imagined before. It turns their organizations into an always-on, kick-ass on the edge environment. Ideascape makes it easier/faster to find/discover ideas, concepts, questions/answers, and conversations, both inside and outside of the business. It is a simple solution to many complex problems. Simple in terms of using the software and getting work done but much more sophisticated than hobby blogging/wiki software. Hey, you might want to keep us in mind for a pilot project.


Jim Wilde

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