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Yossi Sheffi

My book "The Resilinet Enterprise" came out in the beginning of this month. I started a blog in order to continue the discussions about preparedness, security and resilience.

If you are interested in these topics, please join in. At MIT we are trying to get the DHS interested in funding us to continue the research which led to the book but was focused on private sector companies. We have learned a lot that can be applied to governments, NGOs and other organizations interested in disaster recovery. We hope to continue the work.

Ed Vielmetti

Today's 9/12 Wall Street Journal talks about Wal-Mart's disaster response strategy, and how they have a permanent staff tasked with coordinating logistics for the parts of their far-flung empire that will need emergency non-routine support.

I know that Cisco has a similar "critical infrastructure" team that's permanent and not just created in a hurry when a disaster happpens.

There are benefits of being a global corporation vs. a local, state, or national gov't when responding to crisis - a lot more people to draw on, and in many ways a more unified operations structure without the same kind of political issues.

(Heaven help you though if you couldn't afford what was offered.)

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