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Gary Truesdale

John, I also found this post informative. Thanks for the great insights. I wrote more on Haas Automation and referenced your article at:


Greg Brede

Great review of the book--I especially like tha part about leveraging vs. diversification. I just published my own book that takes a laymans approach to starting up a manufacturing company & your articles will compliment in nicely & I will link to them on my site.

Craig Maginness

This post is full of extremely powerful ideas.

When companies move offshore as a means of becoming more competitive in selling goods in that foreign market, I think that that is frequently an essential phase II strategy in protecting long term a hard won export position. But when companies offshore looking for a cost advantage on products re-imported to the U.S., it seems they invariably underestimate the impact of inefficiencies caused by differing cultural orientation to manufacturing methodologies, the impact on costs of raw material sourcing in a country with weak infrastructure, and the costs of remote management of operations.

In examining alternative strategies for gaining a manufacturing cost advantage, your article demonstrates that in addition to analyzing the pros and cons of an offshore plant in China or Mexico, for example, a company should take a serious look at changing its business strategy right here at home.

This post is going to get a favorable review and link on my international business blog -- http://www.exinglobal.typepad.com.

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