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Dave Bayless

Earlier today, I drafted a follow-up post to my little systems model: http://radio.weblogs.com/0111718/2005/09/01.html#a288. You are quite right in pointing out the the importance of process innovations. In my second post, I note "the ability to stay in the game requires accelerating improvements in your innovation productivity, your capability to apply resources effectively." In my experience, your work on productive friction and capability building is spot-on. And, you are right again in acknowledging Professor Fine. My use of the term "clockspeed" is directly attributable to a 1999 paper he authored.

The objective of my "Red Queen" model was to help illustrate how most of us have difficulty anticipating the compound effects of acceleration. We think we understand what faster means, but we don't. Companies can't just throw a few more products against the wall in the hope that enough will stick to overcome the effects of diminishing product lifecycles. We need to re-think how we approach the process of innovation - in the complete sense of the word - in an effective and economic matter. It's a daunting and exhilerating prospect!

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