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Tomi Ahonen

Hi John

Good posting. I blogged about the 2 billion mobile phone user moment at length when the number became official earlier in September. Here a snippet of what kind of posting I made:

At two billion (ie 2,000 million) there are twice as many mobile phone users than internet users. There are three times as many mobile phones than all laptop computers, desktop computers and PDAs combined. More mobile phones than cars, more mobile phones than TV sets, more mobile phones than credit cards. A whopping 30% of the global population already has a mobile phone, in fact every economically viable person on the planet has a mobile phone. Young people have even started to abandon the wristwatch in favour of only the clock on the mobile phone. No other gadget is near its penetration. The mobile phone is only the universal gadget.

Yes, China is the big battle for the future of the digital world. It may be surprising to your readers that already over 25% of all paid subscriptions to the internet are from mobile phone accounts (with the three dominant countries being Japan, China and South Korea).

Much more at my blogsite at www.communities-dominate.blogs.com

If anyone wants more on the significance of the two billion. (and obviously my second book - m-Profits - is still the only business book on how to make money with mobile telecoms; and my fourth book - Communities Dominate Brands - is the only book on the business of digital communities on all platforms, from mobile phones to the PC to videogames, digital TV etc). We have reviews, excerpts etc at the blogsite..

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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