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Tatsachen und Merkmale - Ski Dubai

And - yes, forgot to mention - What happens in a case of internal instability and if something breaks down on a political level in the region or localy? That's a big risk hanging over this wonderful region.


Skifahren Dubai

I honestly belive that soooner or later this blazing economy has to hit the wall. In a nutshell, the pace is not stustainable.


Skifahren Dubai

Do you believe that Dubai can continue to expand at this pace?



Ski Dubai

Hi There - Do you know where i can find more info for jobs for non UAE nationals.



Jeral Poskey

I think it's even more fascinating what will happen when containerization is applied to urban travel. Billions of dollars have been spent to make sure precious goods aren't kept waiting. But the most precious good -- human capital -- sits in traffic for hours each week. What will happen when companies such as Taxi 2000 (www.skywebexpress.com) start to move people as efficiently as containerization moves freight? We'll see soon, as Heathrow Airport is getting an Ultra system (www.atsltd.co.uk).

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