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China Landscape

Not yet for 3.0 maybe 2.5

Luke Gedeon

I agree that Web 3.0 is still a long way off. Maybe we are starting to see Web 2.5.


Here is my essay on web 3.0 :



Chris - Touchstone Gadget

I agree it's probably a bit early to start declaring the birth of Web 3.0. More like the widespread adoption of Web 2.0.

vinnie mirchandani

john, I posted a similar note on Phil's site...

I like JP's framework - but it seems around the edges of core enterprise apps - in his case trading and other transaction intensive areas. But may be they are looking at BPO in many of thsoe areas (financial services are some of the most active BPO evaluators) and have more bandwidth for the newer, fun stuff?

But ...Tech is considered lifeblood so many banks spend 10% of revs when the average mfg CIO gets 2% may be b) Banking is still pretty custom built apps, and you do not have to wait for SAP or Oracle - backbone apps in many other verticals to contemplate their navel for years before they release new stuff. So I would be careful before we generalized to the entire enterprise space.

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