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Sanal Kumar

John, the reverse brain drain is absolutely true. I have been here in the US for about 6 years now..and gotten to a point where I am living a comfortable life...a house in a nice suburb, an SUV, and weekend barbecues in the summer. But I am seriously thinking of returning back to India because...now in India you have exciting career opportunities and growth potential; you get to stay close to ageing parents and the kids can grow up in the same culture that you grew up in (which is a big worry for most Indians who move to the US)....the combination is quite a powerful magnet. I am only thinking about it, but there are many many people I know who have already caught the flight back home...


While migration happens from India to US and vice versa, I am not sure that these numbers have spiked significantly in the last few years. Second, you have very rightly mentioned, many of these returnees continue to work for their US based employers. From a US perspective, I would not sound off an alarm at this point at all.

Alexander Osterwalder

Writing from Chiang Mai, Thailand, one thing I observe is that the opportunities for new businesses are growing by the day. If highly qualified people can stay here and earn a decent living they won't go to the US or if they are in the US they will consider coming back. Space still mattters. And as a Swiss living in Thailand I must say that I really enjoy the quality of life. By the way, Chiang Mai is between India and China - only the US is far away ;-) Warm regards from the North of Thailand, Alex

viinnie mirchandani

John, the same thing started happening with Ireland a few years ago. Labor is much more fluid than it was one, two, three generations ago. In the current anti-immigrationmood in the country we may only accelerate this "reverse brain drain". John Doerr of Kleiner had a great idea we should staple a greencard to every post graduate science or engineering degree a foreign student earns at a US university...I wrote about this a few months ago...see


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