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Ray Tapajna

Note the following articles about The Dark Side of Energy Saving Light Bulbs. They tell a story behind the story of Globalization and Free Trade.
Click on http://www.phillyfuture.org/node/5298 and http://www.phillyfuture.org/node/5297

Dan tdaxp

Good post. Dynamic is exactly right.

Culture is never a static thing. In can be in slow-changing normal controversy, or fast-changing revolutionary remodeling, things are always changing.

Culture isn't a "thing" so much as a "process." We just call it a thing because it is like the magic clouds in powerpoint presentations http://tdaxp.blogspirit.com/archive/2005/11/21/globalization-is-water-the-magic-cloud.html , where we see its effects but not how it works.

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