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Brooks Jordan


Love the content of your blog. My only suggestion is that your posts be shorter. Obviously, being an excellent writer, you have the capability to write at length. But, as a reader, I can only give this blog a certain (although premium) amount of time - that's the nature of blog reading.

I want to really absorb your point, but sometimes the cost of reading through your entire post is too high. I hope my point is clear. The reason, I think, that bloggers like Seth Godin are so successful is because in addition to having great things to say from his corner of world, he writes it in a way that can be consumed in this blogging world that we all share.

Thanks for asking for feedback.



I've been tracking your writing since before you left McKinsey. I've viewed it as some of the best commentary on the "Business aspects of technology" around (although these days your scope is wider).

I read everything you post except for things that seem peripheral to me (e.g. Media industry / recent Jobs / Pixar post).

I like the intermittent posts, it's not overwhelming, and if it's good, I'm happy to read a longer one.

I was fascinated by the Push-Pull article by you and JSB, which was *really* thought provoking (although admittedly haven't got to the end yet!). Intermittent posts allow time-poor people to absorb things, and achieve different insights.

I'm happy with the scope of your posts, but would like to see more Push-Pull commentary.

Keep up the good work!


I am still learning ( self learning) a lot of strategy and I find your blog to be one of those cutting edge which makes me think in new ways. Thus I visit your blog very regulary.

I do find that the individual posts are way too long and probably a consequence of that it is the infrequent posting. I would like shorter posts but more frequent updates. Most of the time
what I find is that the posts are nothing short of an article in itself which is good but then you might sit down to post only when you have the entire article in mind.

I am sure you would be writing for target audience which can understand basic terminologies from mgmt/econ etc but some primer on some of these concepts would help the reader understand theories when refrenced in the posts. Ex a seperate page containing definionts of compartive advantage, comptences etc.
The annoying thing is infrequent updates and some terms/concepts used for which I have go refer wikipedia/google.

One thing that will make the blog more interesting is to have active dialogue in the blog. I know that you are one of the smartest guys around but at times some folks do leave some very smart comments. Your response to comments would be really great.

Jay Cross

John, I view our lives as works in progress, and blogs reflections of ourselves. Like you, I'd continue blogging just to shape up what's on my mind, readers or no. Forging relationships is icing on the cake. So I encourage you to simply continue being you.

Your scope, length, clarity, and balance work for me. You are one of only ten blogs in my primary aggegator. You are a catalyst for my thoughts.

Improvements? No, that would imply there's some objective blogging standard, and it ain't there. My preference would be for some illustrative graphics. A chart, a map, a pointer that aids understanding, or simply some eye candy to break up blocks of text.

Thanks for generously sharing your ideas. You're banking good karma.


Jonathan Dean

Hi John,

I have only subscribed to your blog for a few months, but my opinion is that you are terrific at writing about what interests you and you write at a length that concisely communicates your view. Sorry to be only one-sided in terms of feedback, but I haven't found anything at all that I would consider annoying and would hesitate to point you in any path other than what naturally occurs to you.

Kind regards, Jonathan Dean.


Just keep going JH3! Maybe you could post a bit more often :-)

Alex Osterwalder

You write one of the few blogs where I always read everything. The broad scope of topics is a pleasure to follow. I wouldn't mind more theory, models or concepts though (but I might be an exception ;-)

Your writing has helped me progress in my own thinking and understanding. Thank you, Alex

Prabir Sen

Your blog is the only one I read. Your thoughts, ideas and perspectives in the blog particularly issues related to globalization, emerging competition from India, China, Brazil and Russia, new innovations and emerging new markets (for example, blog on Dubai, UAE) definitely provides a new management perspective to the western world.

My quest for pattern recognition in your blog made me thinking: Why don't B-Schools teach ... INNOVATION ... anymore? We've got jazzy marketing,and marketing is indeed important, but by and large no business, technological, operational or organizational innovations.

May be, I have started to expect more with your compelling arguments. Something that is definitely inspiring and far reaching than exisitng corporate banalities. And, I now expect JSB, Thomas Friedman, Tom Davenport, C.K Prahlad, Narayana Murthy, William Fung and other thought leaders including social leaders like Bill Clinton to provide their perspective on your issues of management and socio-economic advantages.

So, let your ideas flow.

Will Raiser

For me, you're pretty much on target.

I find the blogs on India & China particularly informative. I'd like to know more about their emerging management patterns.

For example: What exactly does modularization of production mean in the Chinese motorcycle industry?

How does one orchestrate MANY small partners -- suppliers and distributors? What remains central?

I suspect jazz is a better metaphor than a classical orchestra. The opposite of centralization is not de-centralization but rather mutual adjustment. How does one implement this in jazzing a network?

Lance Knobel

You have one of the most consistently interesting blogs that I follow, John (and I follow a lot of them). Unquestionably keep it up.

I like the middle-length posts that posit a single insight with some background support. You have become more generous with your links than at the outset, which is decidedly a good thing.

Although you find it hard to believe, I'd appreciate you ranging more widely from time to time. A blog should be the place for occasionally dramatic speculation, particularly from interesting thinkers.

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