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Steve Hoffman

Good post. I couldn't agree more.

This is where the current crop of "general purpose" Portals are falling way short. It seems as though the current method is to either throw everything at me (and hope that something sticks), or alternatively, to give me a blank slate and hope that I know enough sources and have enough time to "roll my own" portal.

I've yet to find the company who has struck the right balance of implicit/explicit personalization, along with some notion that there's no "one algorithm to rule them all."

Shawn Callahan

I have just found your blog after Etienne Wenger gave me one of your books. I enjoyed this post, especially the idea of a reverse market. Can you give any examples of companies that have built reverse marketing thinking into the way they do business? I'm thinking blogs could be part of the strategy, especially ones where the authors selflessly give what they know.

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