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Tom Simon

John I have been an avid follower of your writings and those of John Seely Brown. I also was an early pioneer of online community building, going back to work with Howard Rheingold on the Well, Electric Minds and Brainstorms, and later as Director of R&D for Caucus Systems. I was also an architect of the original Open Text Virtual Teams portal.

In 1997 while on a project for Xerox I tried to introduce a colloborative workflow system that integrated social networking with business process interaction and online learning. This led to the development of www.iprismglobal.com and www.greenportal.org. Most of my work since then has been in the UK where there seems to be more acceptance to the transparent horizontal management necessary for true online collaboration.

In reading above about the need for innovative management by western executives, I must tell you it is no easy task to convince them. The horizontal, transparent nature of successful online collaboration is in opposition to the hierarchial style that assures compensation and rewards stay at the top... my expereince is that you cannot build a productive process network without full participation of the executives who control decsion making and budgets. Have you addressed this in your writings or face to face consulting?

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