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Hi guys
Is there a market for a proper Web 2.0 soccer community, thats unbiased? Or has that ship sailed?

Craig Akehurst


Just wondering your view on the Google/Nike vs Yahoo!/Adidas post FIFA world cup?

It seems Google/Nike had the edge to me. Here are some graphs to back that up.




I'm currently looking at Joga.com as a case study for my University dissertation. So please let me know what you think?

My email is craigakehurst[at]googlemail.com




It appears the community has run amok. The site is "Under maintenance"

This from the homepage of joga.com

"We are sorry, but the hooligans appear to be running wild on Joga.com. Please visit again soon; we'll have order restored as soon as possible."

Prabir Sen

I wish I hadn't read your this post. Building virtual community as commercial enterprise through blogging is a North American phenomenon and there is a very little trace of such community building in the Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The soccer fans are largely in the Europe and Latin American countries. Asians and the Middle East, particularly China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Morrocco, are fanatic in soccer as well. Google has more registered users (as google mail) in Asia than in the United States.
John, if ask your neighbor's son, "who is David Beckham or Ronaldo?" or you may try asking "who is Edson do Nascimento?" you will probably know that there is a very little future of this blog site in this country, much less of their association with those photographs that Nike has provided. Kids with Yu-gi-oh cards know their favorites very well.
Well that says it all. Thank you for pointing this site to me, I will definitely be curious to know how is this site doing among soccer fans in the soccer loving countries.

Alex Osterwalder

John, I have to admit that I hadn't joined Joga.com at the time I wrote my blogposting you refer to. It was still invitation only and I didn't have an invite ;-)My writing was based on second-hand sources...

So I thankfully take your points about Nike/Google not embracing Web2.0 participation principles and not understanding communities. From the posts I read about Joga.com here and elsewhere it definetly looks more like they took the corporate interest view than the community design view...

Warm hello from Chiang Mai, Alex


I'm a member of the joga.com community. The site has a lot of problems.

You are right because it is too commercial. Everything is a commercial.

The community with the largest membership is Ronaldinho's which has 2763 members. And only 49 posts in the blog. Everything is very quiet. It is too corporate. All the official communities are run by "Nike Football" not people.

I also visited soccerblog.com as you suggested. They are much smaller than Nike, but I like the topics and the posts. At least there are many interesting posts and videos.

Thanks you for your analysis. I am glad to find this new site.


Just out of curiosity after reading your Joga post, I decided to investigate the site for myself. First, I had to take a large swallow and join Google just to be allowed to enter Joga. Once I got in, I was offered the chance to divulge just about every bit of personal information except my favorite jelly bean flavor. This went on for page after page, giving me the distinct first impression that the site is more a thin excuse for data acquisition than an attempt at honest community creation.

Once I skipped past all these screens to get to the heart of the site, I discovered that there was no heart. You said there were discussion boards in Joga. I never found them. It was like entering a fun-house room where all the walls are mirrors: You can find anything at all in Joga--as long as you created that content yourself. Talk about imposed isolation!

If this is how Nike and Google perceive community, then it must be modeled after those wierd gated communities where you never see anyone (I know--my Dad lives in one! :o) Give me a regular neighborhood where you actually see and talk to people. Joga is the antithesis of community.


It looks like soccerblog.com started on March 21st and is just a blog about soccer. How is that a great example of community online? Good blog but just one guys voice.

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