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steven e. streight aka vaspers the grate

Corporations must revolutionize their cultures. Too many managers still feel threatened by underlings "thinking too much".

I and my wife have both experienced such paranoia. I was fired once for coming up with new ideas to increase sales and improve customer relations. The boss felt threatened.

You know, CEOs and managers read the books by you, Tom Peters, Deming, Seth Godin, Jack Welch, etc., but rarely implement the ideas.

Naiyer Alam

I think that instead of taking efforts to accelerate the pace of tacit knowledge building in all activities we can achieve better resilts if we urge the labour force in the company to generate new tatics in their daily course of activities and attach a time frame for all employees to generate condtructive thinking.

John T. Maloney

Hi --

Value networks elaborate the next revolution in interactions.


Value networks aid authentic conversation which is central to tacit productivity.


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