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There is no magic skill.


Hi ,

In case you have not checked out Goldhaber has come up with a new article on Attention.


It is about how openness is important in an attention economy.

Here is my summary



I don't agree with Andrew's comments that "I google thus I exist". With the era of the Net, we are all living more and more entering into virtual relationships via emails, blogs, Net, SMS, etc. The foundation of true human communications is based on direct and personal inter-actions, direct contact, face to face discussion and meeting or simply, enjoying spending time to talk with someone. This is becoming a rarity in today's Attention Economy.

nellie lide

This is one of the most thoughtful posts I've read in a long time - thanks for all the pointers to others. I'm in awe of how smart people are - also, as a middle-aged mom - I love that the younger generation is so open about their lives - I think the attention many of the myspace gen and gen y kids want is from their own circle of friends (and then maybe the larger circle of the world) - but it's healthy and I think they do it to figure out who they are and where they belong. You're right about advertising - in the end it's just a message with no personal meaning.

Robert Nanders

It's very human to want to be important, and I think this is a fine way of affirming people's worth to themselves, but like any other persuit, it can be overdone.

As for competing over our attention, what else is new? People have been orating since well before Cicero, and not just to impress their friends with snappy quotes and one-liners, but to get other people to do what they want, to exercise influence and power.

Tom Simon

"In a world where more and more options are competing for our attention, we are unlikely to offer that attention unless something of compelling value is offered in return. We become much more selective and demanding in terms of who or what will get our attention."

AGREE that to me is the more meaningful discussion. Esther Dyson may just need to hang out with less self-absorbed people.

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