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Sage as ever: as I lecture daily, it all comes down to love and respect for the customer. That's the new math.

steven e. streight aka vaspers the grate, on the edge of evening

It all boils down to the golden rule on the front line. The sales clerk and receptionist are the major representatives of the company.

But retailers still do not enforce building relationships with customers and politely meeting needs. The IPG (items per guest), sales plan, shrinkage quota, and other sales management goals are far more important, while the customers are repulsed from the dollar signs in the sales shark eyes.

Makio Yamazaki

Hagel-san, Thank you your new theory of the Organizations & Market.
I thinks the moduled-business strategy to make U.S. taking the lead for these about 30 years brought about big success.
Specifically, it thought that it brought about a standing result about the destribution industry and IT (Information technology ).
Surely, it expects that it is the part where Hegel is pointed out(GE).
As for the methodology which was introduced last, it much more feels that it is very wonderful that the KAUFMAN Professor in Oxford University analyzes a Innovation Function Analysis.

Graham Douglas

Thanks for this most stimulating information which I learned of through Value Networks. I offer practical tools to facilitate the sort of changes you and Professor Langlois are identifying. There is some background on my website and I would be happy to send to those interested a copy of a thirteen page paper on the Integrative Improvement Institutes Project that seeks to diffuse, refine and implement Integrative Improvement: Sustainable Development as if People and Their Physical, Social and Cultural Environments Mattered.

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