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Kevin Jones

this reminds me of the argument by Grotius (founder of what became the world court at the Hague) that the Dutch trading empire should concentrate on trade; they had a multicultural sense that enabled higher value transactions on both sides that lowered the cost of military power and let the british be the sea power. the house of orange prevailed, but the point is that high value connections built around eliminating friction and enhancing efficiency are key inflection points in a historical continuum, points that define national political and economic positions for long periods of time. if america does not float to the highest node in the network, it will be just another power that is past its peak.

John Maloney

Hi --

Nice. Spikes, to me, are more like clusters, the Michael Porter type of clusters. The network model he uses to describes is the 'diamond.'

There must be certain 'just right' network conditions for a spike/cluster to appear.

Network archetypes are yet another way to describe today's "fill-in-the-blank" Ecomomy.




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