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jen_chan, writer SureFireWealth.com

I like the fact that this institutional innovation includes all the vital aspects, especially innovation on customer relationship management. We should really not limit ourselves to structure and what we have been exposed to. Even if it is about innovation itself. There's always room to branch out and evolve.

Ram Manohar Tiwari

My mistake , I didn't notice that you are comparing the innovation of telephone with East India Company. I am glad telephone is still not dead :)

Ram Manohar Tiwari

In my opinion, Institutional Innovation / Co-innovation should be used to amplify the benefits of Product / Process innovation or to further induce product / process innovation.

However, Institutional Innovation / Co-innovation can't be a replacement for Product/Process innovation or else it will become a case of 100 fools trying to interact with each other but not able to generate any idea for the improvement of products or processes.

Further, I don't think that innovation of telephone can be directly compared with Amazon just in terms of $$$$$s . That's clearly absurd. You are confusing the impact of innovation with Graham Bell's (in)ability to make money. or else you should add the wealth of all the companies which are using his innovation and then compare with amazon's.

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