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Very Enjoyable post.
I looked at doing something similar with objective finding MIT style knowledge "gatekeepers" (those that bring new knowledge into an organisation).

Having identified individuals that had a lot of external and internal knowledge connections, we made some subtle organisational changes to our department to allow these human nodes to have more interaction and influence on some key projects and the results were outstanding.

Todd Sampson

Great post John. I am a huge fan of both your work and Pareto's. As such, I am thoroughly enjoying watching you weave Pareto's ideas into your own on Edge Perspectives.

The following line really stood out to me: "Rather than using other people’s money, as in financial leverage, companies can be much more successful using other people’s resources to add value to their business initiatives."

This makes a lot of sense. But to me it seems that utilizing the non-financial resources of other businesses (such as external APIs) are potentially even more valuable in creating business leverage.

What's your take?

Michael P. Gusek

Very interesting. I really enjoy your "baby step" approach.


Do you think larger businesses are going to catch on fast enough? Not only that, but how do you diffuse this idea in the organization? Would you agree that any tactical approach to executing a strategy like this might take much too long for even a medium-sized organization to plan?

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