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Cliff Allen

While you may think this wasn't a story, I agree with Krister that this, indeed, is a story.

I felt the timeline, context, and frustration you experienced moving through the "data for data's sake" age. I agree that storytelling today is helping us improve the quality of life through connecting, understanding, and relating.

Carol Mon

Loved the last paragraph. I found myself skimming the article and all the details, then I read the last paragraph and understood. I wasn't as engaged as I am when reading stories although I think the tack is perfect to convince the data folks.

PS, I'm a corporate storyteller with a web site lacking in stories, shoemaker's children problem.

Lilia Efimova

John, curious to hear a forecast on when story-telling will replace research monographs in a research world. Changing values is one thing, but changing governance structures is a totally different story...

Jan Schultink


Matthew Michels

Just started reading the book from Denning. Awesome reference and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again! - Matthew


Thxs again for such a well-written post. I have been using story-telling for the past ten years. Initially a marketing technique (for me), I later adapted it to technical issues or process-driven changes. I sometimes ad variants such as "complete the story" (does that fit in story-telling?) engaging individuals(clients, employees)and having them co-create the possible endings.


A great and a very enjoyable posting! But regarding the last paragraph, isn't what you wrote a "Story"?

Brian Phipps

If you lead, stories will follow.

Matthew Michels

I agree. Storytelling is quickly becoming a lost art but is so powerful at conveying a message in many of the ways you enumerate above.

One of the other impacts of stories, are the way that the listeners interpret them. Hard facts are disputed, but stories are simulated. This was one of the many interesting topics covered in Made To Stick.


Michael Massey

outstanding, john. this is so far beyond traditional b-school education and in such important ways. thank you.

michael massey
department of lifelong education,
administration & policy
the university of georgia
athens, ga

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