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Kevin Hanke

I'm just finishing The Power of Pull and will start again as soon as I turn the last page. Relationships first has always been my mantra from customers to colleagues. It's great to hear you promote a giving mindset in business.

Annalie Killian

Congratulations! Maybe you can sign a copy for me when we meet over dinner in SFO on 30 June! I am really interested in the subjects you cover- but more so in terms of who is actively redesigning their organisational models, method of working, roles themselves and leadership models in the face of these shifts. I see very little evidence with the exception of Zappos.

Robert Pekin

Are you planning on Launching the book in Australia John??
Already hearing good things about it.


Congrats on the publication! Look forward to reading it.

Rob Jacobs

I am loving the book already. I have a ton of margins notes already and have only just finished the introduction. Love, especially, that you included education examples, since this is one area that is doing its best to stay immune to the "Big Shift." No longer. Time to PULL education into the new reality. Thanks for the excellent work.

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