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You talk about wanting to "help others" but there is a noticeable lack of individuals who either you feel passionate about or who have inspired the passion with you.

Perhaps you generalize to make this more useful to a general audience. I just know that people, specific, flesh & blood people, have marked some of my passions.

Passions aren't rungs on a career ladder. They are things, people, organizations, ideas, activities you are invested in, who give you life. They are sometimes over-the-top and messy. We can make bad decisions by following our passions. But they also hold the greatest promise for us to achieve something marvelous, whether that is creating something new, building an organization up from scratch or starting a family.

I appreciate your reflective writing style but I think you need to think about the emotions and physicality of passions and not make it so cerebral.

Yadira C.

I like how you were able to synthesize all of your pursuits under one common passion. It's easy to be trapped into compartmentalizing experiences but in finding such unity you fuel your sense of passion better through the excitement of connectivity and purpose.

Knowing the common theme of your passion also in itself has a lot of potential. You probably didn't mean it this way, but the post seems to be written as if you had already maximized the potential of your passion. I think there is always much ahead and limiting your trajectory that way might be detrimental. With such rich trajectory experiences I think you could have a lot of room for reinterpreting and discovering different aspects and expressions of your passion, later integrating them into your common theme.

It seems to me you're working on a scaled spectrum of potential and find yourself at the largest scale. It might be beneficial to explore the potential possibilities at lower levels so you can bring those new lessons to the larger scale and maximize further. (Think of it like a spectrum of reductionism to holism; in order to understand certain things at the holistic level, you need to investigate them at a more reductionist level. This may even entail something like playing with construction capital again ;) .)

As always, your post was instructive and inspiring. We don't need to separate ourselves in different passions, we just need to find the unity of a common theme.


Well put Mr. Hagel. As someone who has know you since the "Business Strategy" phase, I can say that you have consistently been able to articulate complexity in a way that is accessible and compelling. I only wish I had known you during the "Construction Projects" phase -- it sounds like it was a lot of fun!


Excellent post, your ability to self analyze is remarkable. My passion is similar but my trajectory not as defined. Thanks for the perspective.

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