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the marriage of stability and change, reliability and validity. so key not only to a good and sustainable existence, but to a soul peace, as it were.

Roger Martin's take on this gave me a whole new perspective on bridging the two. on boldly and gracefully addressing the white space.

i love the three t's.
thank you John.


John, you imply the first step in this process early in your post with your aside "with no Facebook to stay in touch". As Kare notes in her comment, "One way to establish stability is through continuity." Facebook and the like now at least provide us the continuity that prepares the ground for turning weak ties into strong ties. Likewise, persistent online identities provide us a continuity of character that wasn't possible in the past. Even when we are checked out our contributions to the cloud provide stable (though evolving) representations of our various roles.

I hope that those developments increasingly provide the foundation for trust based relationships, and that as those trust based relationships develop demand will become apparent for the types of platforms you envision.

Account Deleted

This is a brilliant post exhibiting a brilliant thinking mind.

The space is vital and left empty. Few seem to notice that space. And I fully agree that this is the need of the hour -- to accelerate self improvement.

However, I have not understood as to why you say that tacit knowledge is sticky rather than flowing. In a trust relationship such knowledge would indeed flow automatically though it would happen in fits and spurts like a defective water tap.

It might also help steer away people from fundamentalism tendencies but that might need some time.

Thank you again for posting such a brilliant piece.

Marjie Knudsen

Thank you for this post. Well said.

Tom Klein

A heartfelt post... lovely... I connect with the need that can make religious certainties attractive. It is not the need, but the strategy for fulfilling the need which is the issue. We need good strategies to deal with change, and fundamentalism flees reality. Wish-based thinking is not what we need at the moment, especially when it influences government policy. Trust in religion is based on shared belief. Better is trust based on a common will to improve our lives, and the shared experience of good judgment in the attempt. Fundamentalism sacrifices love on altar of belief--to the need to believe--perhaps as strategy to cope with fear. Anything we can do to alleviate that need will help--except to strengthen the illusion.

Talent development is the path to a deeper realisation of self and community. It is a long-term, thick value commitment, which transmits tacit knowledge and allows relationships of trust to develop. We need to do much more of it.

lee stein

i love you the way you are. the lack of stability served you well..../lee

kare anderson

One way to establish stability is through continuity. Trust-based relationships are ones that, over time, we know what we can expect from one another - in actions more than words. At the core, you will show up when I need you to, sometimes even before i know i need you and in ways you saw would be beneficial before I did.

Key to that step is implicit in empathy: a willingness to step out of one's own shoes and into another's.

Only then can we live what I call the Golden Golden Rule: Doing unto others as they would have done unto them.

That's where positive connection can happen - and the more times it happens, especially when we bring out the best sides in each other (talent and temperament) then our fondness and trust can grow.

In so doing we become happier and higher performing together, for each other and on our own, feeling the strength of another person's insightful, apt support.

That, for me, is where the flow happens, and the pull to a person or project, with others.

And that's where the passion for the friendship and the collaboration happens.


And about Liquid Modernity? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zygmunt_Bauman)
"Such fragmented lives require individuals to be flexible and adaptable" Those that can't adapt react! Holding on to the closest and strongest anchor available

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