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Renee Lloyd

This is an excellent review of Doc's book, John. I especially appreciate you pointing out that "tech cannot do this alone." This requires the efforts of many in current roles as well as emerging roles--here I am thinking of innovative customer focused lawyers who lay the important, and heretofore neglected other code (legal code). Not only do we need innovative "people focused" legal minds but they must be moved from the role of isolated development to that of collaborative design and implementation of new models. Collaboration is key and with that will come solutions that provide win/win.

monika hardy

thank you John. ordered Doc's book.
disruption is a given.. we best disrupt ourselves. no?

i love the distinction between the passion of the believer and the passion of the explorer.

finding the thing you can't not do... needs to remain alive, ongoing, perpetual beta. i think the uncertainty of the explorer is what sustains that alive-ness.

and i don't think you can effort/work/flow yourself into it. all of that is great - and better than what most have now.. but it's not the betterness Umair writes of.. no?

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