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Totally speaks to me. This will be my constant reference from now on.

Judith Runsink

Did you read my mind? Beautifully spoken. Count me in.

Siddharth Singh

Please count me in!


I'm in.

Daniel Smith

Well said. I look forward to more conversation and participation.


I'm in too ;-)


What else is there to do if you wish to live a good life? ;-) Count me in!


Please count me in.

Carolyn Demisch

This is great. I'm in.

Cyndi E

Great stuff!

Jay Kinghorn

Count me in. Between this manifesto and Fast Company's Generation Flux, we have a solid blueprint for the modern career!

Adam Johnson

This comes my way at the perfect time. Great manifesto. Count me in!


I support the Labor Day Manifesto of the Passionate Creative Worker!

Pete Welter

This speaks to me. I'm in.


#11. Never settle. Never. Ever. Not even once.

Nikos Kontoyannis

Count me in!


Definitely IN. Thanks for articulating this so powerfully.

Daniel Berner

Yes!... I'm in.

Terry Stuart

resonates directly with how i live my life. well put. just had a 2 month sabbatical with family - filled with living life for the adventure.

Jennifer McCallum

Like it

Natasha Buckley

Thank you for expressing what we all need to understand better and act on.

Chris Forrest

I'm in too.

Michelle King

Please count me in!

Joachim Stroh

Sound good!

Jay Kinghorn

Count me in as well. A great manifesto.

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