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Johannes Drischel

Thank You for posting this! In July 2013 I am going to move with my family and thinking around on this. All the best!

Nancy Peters

Great post. I agree with Gavin about identifying and articulating values. I was fascinated to read the recently published short form illustrated e book, Discordia, about the realities of life in Athens today. In many ways Greece is just an extreme example of where many of the world's democracies are heading, It is confronting to try and identify which side of the lines that are fast being drawn I would choose to be on if I were there.

Gavin Heaton

Often the challenge is to identify our own principles or values. It's easy to think that we are the sum total of our actions - but it's far more confronting to reach into ourselves to identify and articulate those core values.

Great post.


John, I love your posts...wish you had time to post more often. :)


Hi John,

Thank you. It feels like it was written for me.

Grateful for your wise guidance

Warm regards



Hey, John. Looking forward to finally meeting you in real life in #Osaka. My first thought after reading your post was this:
The art of progress is to ... order amid change and to preserve change amid order ~ Alfred North Whitehead

On a personal note - my family moved 19 times by the time I was in college and the hardest part for me as an adult having chosen a community and living here in Rochester #ROC now for 18 years - was how to re-invent myself in the midst of so much familiarity. When we moved and I introduced myself to new friends they would only know the more recent iteration of me. Now, people in my community don't see the shifts and in fact create inertia for "who I was" vs. "who I am becoming" Anyway- these are the thoughts catalyzed this morning while I sip hot coffee on a beautiful fall day. Be well. Jennifer

Sharon Lee

Thank you for our insight. It is very motivating.

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