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Antifragility mathematically implies open collaboration:

Open collaboration is antifragile as it increases the denominator in the 1/N strategy of convex systems. Increasing the number of experiments reduces the risks while maximizing and aggregating the potential successes.

Open collaboration also tends to organically result in smaller, distributed pull systems emphasizing optionality over larger, centralized systems which emphasize efficiency.

Lastly, open collaboration results in a combinatorial growth curve, which increases faster than the exponential growth trends of technologies. It is the only way the economy will be able to sustain job growth and innovation as automation becomes more prevalent. This is the critical piece to endogenous economic growth going forward.

Nick Gall

John, Great post. I especially like the term "thrivability" at the end. I too am looking for a better word than "anti-fragile" for the property of growing through disruption. I've been using the term Panarchy from Buzz Holling et al (http://www.resalliance.org/index.php/panarchy ), but that's not perfect either.

One nit: Redundancy is NOT key to thrivable/anti-fragile/panarchic systems--DEGENERACY is.

I'm trying to help spread the word about the importance of "degeneracy" in such systems. Degeneracy is similar to redundancy, but different from it in a vital way. Redundant (sub)systems are identical--think two kidneys. Degenerate (sub)systems are different, but can perform the same function when necessary--think spoken language vs sign language.

There is a growing realization that degeneracy is intrinsic to evolution. And it turns out that true redundancy is surprising rare in biological systems, so it For more on degeneracy, wikipedia offers a good jumping off point: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Degeneracy_(biology) .

Nathan Mielke

My favorite quote - “. . . the more data you get, the less you will know what’s going on.” I think that is in line with where I'm at with Influencer - we need to have human faces on issues, not only cold anonymous numbers.

Contrary to the recent sexiness off all things big data and data science.

Jon Husband

Isn't Thrivability our common agenda ? Or rather, should it not be (including those who still control the "Push" agenda?).

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