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Luis Alberola

It's a great article John, and the whole idea on the dark side of technology as well. And I am looking forward to your points on institutional innovation and narrative.
And yet, I am worried that many of the explorers will be left behind, often because the road they have chosen cannot be explored in good conditions (I am speaking about compensation).
So I assume you are linking passion and leadership, and that great explorers involve fearless followers. Are you also linking passion and responsibility ? My question is, are we now somehow reaching a time when a leader that does not follow her passion is not living to her social responsibility ?
Because passion, if it needs to result in deep transformation, doesn't seem to belong in the "motivational field", but rather be born in a field also containing contrarian thinking, deep resolve and inner leadership.
I am eager to read your post linking passion with institutional innovation
Thanks for sharing this !

Rashmir Balasubramaniam

Brilliant as always John. I particularly like your framing of passion, which is otherwise a slightly troublesome subject in business. I tend to talk about passion + purpose, with an experimental disposition and results orientation. However, 'questing' is more poignant and urgent.

After decades of working to 'change the world', I too have come to the realization that we do indeed 'have to change ourselves'. I have found that the two can often be done simultaneously. Work to advance our purpose and goals, can spur personal change/growth/development, and vice versa - creating something of a positive passion cycle.

Whatever the starting point, it takes courage, an ability/willingness to see beyond the usual frame/paradigm, and perseverance.

In terms of my passion, I have been working hard to make it an integral part of my work and my life through Nsansa and LPDCoach. But, it is taking hard work and discipline to stop myself falling into old habits and ruts, and creating the structures that enable me to keep purpose and passion and joy central.

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