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Didn't Ayn Rand write about all this in "Atlas Shrugged"? What has really changed since?
People need to change no matter what the cost. Grandfather Stalking Wolf said, "A man who is not living his vision is living death." Most people do not see life that way.
But individual development is not enough, we need the whole culture to develop in to community. I don't see that ever happening. Aside from avoiding catastrophe (which can be ignored until it happens) what incentive is there?

Luis Alberola

Thanks for the second chapter John !
"This is exactly what these institutions were designed to do – suppress passion". To a great extent, yes, I agree. Which is why when launching institutional innovation experiments (or movements, I guess), at the edge of the organization, there is a real likeliness of short term success. In my experience, a good, intuitive leader (with low risk aversion), often a woman, is enough to secure a project that aims at institutional innovation.
The problems usually come with success : in those cases, instead of the organization understanding that its future lies at the edges, it more often than not tries to bring any innovation back to the center (often killing it in what it meant deep down, beyond the technology app or improved process that stand as its finished product). How then to ensure that the institution learns to let go of its centralisation practice ?

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