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Fenia Petran


Here is an additional, more humble version for the evolved narrative, may be it's better to use it for the beginning.

"Let's share the excitement that comes from exploring new frontiers on the edge together, so that we can provide others with a platform to learn science and technology by real-world applications. "

So what do you think about?

Fenia Petran


I want to propose a modified version for your evolved narrative, so that I could join it, as well.

"Let's share the excitement that comes from exploring new frontiers on the edge together, so that we can build the Internet of Skills and provide others with platforms to learn science and technology by real-world applications. "

Fenia Petran


You definitely have an extraordinary personality.

You need a lot of courage to tell others personal things the way you do, but this is also one of the reasons that people love you so much and trust you and believe in you.

"Let’s overcome our fear and feel the excitement that comes from exploring new frontiers on the edge together so that we can provide others with platforms to achieve more of their potential.”

This is a wonderful idea, and we can do it happen.


Thanks for sharing this John. Just what I needed to read today.

V Mahadeva Sarma

A thought provoking essay guiding all to share their life narratives with others so that the narrator and the society would be benefited.

Fenia Petran

This is a wonderful post, and very insightful.
Your openness, kindness, intelligence and smart mind are very impactful.
There is much to learn from you.

Joe McCarthy

I am grateful for the openness and vulnerability you've embraced in sharing your early personal narrative. I can relate to retreating into my mind, and disengaging from my emotions, in response to the challenges of growing up in a dysfunctional family. I can also relate to becoming focused on others' needs and wants, to the exclusion of my own.

I find your current narrative personally inspiring, and your invitation to reflect on - and possibly change - one's narrative is deeply resonant.

However, I also see a projection bias here - one that is often reflected in the narratives of those who have achieved a measure of success - which I would articulate as "I did it, so you can do it, too".

The projection bias I see in - or project onto - your current narrative involves leadership, and specifically, leadership of others.

In my own experience of the dance of leadership, I find that there are times and places where I am inspired to lead others, and other times and places where I am willing to be lead by others. I have experienced good leadership and bad leadership (in myself and others).

I have also worked with people who do not appear to have any aspirations toward leadership (of others), and while I believe we should all take responsibility for leading ourselves, I'm not convinced that everyone should (or can effectively) lead others.

My concern about making leadership of others a criterion in composing a personal narrative is that it may not work for everyone ... but perhaps everyone is not your intended audience.

In any event, thanks for yet another thoughtful and provocative post.

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