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Cornel Vintila

So sory reading so late!
How I can contact you?
I'm on Linkedin.
Cornel Vintila
BPM Wave

Nafisa Habib

John - Excellent writing . I also admire your thoughts


John - Excellent post (as always). (Big) Data paired with putting it into (reality) context, and pulling out the most value (for the whole) out of it may change the landscape of business and society much more than we are imagining right now.

Cheers, Ralf

Jay Cross

John, I love the thoughts but please restrain your use of boldface. When everything's highlighted, nothing stands out. Reminds me of the days WHEN PEOPLE SHOUTED ON THE WEB WITH ALL CAPS.

Luis Alberola

Great post ! And also great comment on brokers by John Maloney - my thoughts exactly as I work on the future of the insurance industry. The opportunity for Independent Insurers with technology is huge, and also wondering whether Google isn't trying to reinvent the old broker model, like they reinvented advertsing (another brokerage)

Kevin Carroll

Another great post John!

Monetizing the delivery of "advice" (e.g. the activities of real estate agents, financial professionals, recruiters, consultants, and the like--all "trusted advisors") has always been a very good business.

And to deliver "advice" better than competitors the "advice-giver" must be endowed with brokerage-skill.

So, each "trusted advisor" is a brokerage-skill capable node in a specific network and each is built on the same foundation, that each knows something about the principal decision-makers and something about what’s valuable to each. Thus, the change really is not "From affluent niches to mass market" but rather from affluent niches to mass market niches.

I view this excellent post with a title that is this: Disruption by Scaling Brokerage-Skill.

John Maloney

John -

Nice blog. It's been a soapbox theme for me for a couple years. However, I shorten 'trusted advisors' into a shorter, five-letter moniker: broker. It's a critical role.

As people and civil society embrace the enormous advantages of complexity and and dynamic systems in everyday life, trusted advisors/brokers become essential attractors.

In a world quickly moving from constrained predictability to emergent, limitless abundance and possibility, attractors are key.

Brokers and trusted advisors are the critical instigators that reveal valuable pathways to optimal outcomes.

Strange Attractor

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