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Syed Azeem Haider

John I like your writing style and the way you described the whole technology, I totally understand your concept and what you tried to explain here, thanks a lot for your article.

charter internet

Well, IoT is necessary for the use of modern technology and to make the present technology better and more efficient.


As they say is IOT is really a new generation technology?

John Maloney

Excellent post. Some issues.

"So far, the applications have been very limited."

Hunh? Hope this is just rhetorical flair.

Your 'set of technologies' is far too abstract. IoT is a lot simpler.

IoT is sensors + computing + radios that create value. Simple.

IoT is not 'very limited' today. For most the Mother of IoT is a smartphone. They are chock full of sensors + computing + radios. They do all the 'connecting' jazz you describe.

Smartphone app stores offer >3M applications. There has been >100B downloads. IoT is not 'very limited.'

IoT, and early deployments like smartphones, is refacing humanity.

There is definitely a highly intimidating and impenetrable IoT 'white space.' Unfortunately, the _'systematic assessment of the economic and strategic value...' won't correct it. Rather, it's the main cause!

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Paradoxically, IoT simply has no frame for most people, yet, most people are heavy users.

Beware of IoT apoplexy. Your post helps.




Excellent article, by far the best analysis of the potential of IoT that I have ever seen.

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