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"I’ve been this way since I was a young child when I experienced very challenging day to day situations but never lost my optimism that somehow things would turn out OK."

This is exactly me; I had always characterized myself as an optimist -- everything works out in the end, but everyone around me told me I was the opposite, such a downer about what can go wrong, how much more we've yet to do, not everyone can be (or should be) a winner or even a runner-up but we can all be players & learners! Thank you for articulating this for all of us omnimists.

I agree that there's a lot of non-accountability ("lack of agency"), but the reason is more than short-term pessimism or complacency. There is a laziness involved. There is a lack of self-incentive for learning more, accepting the challenge and overcoming the obstacles. And, it must be self-incentive, an epiphany moment, perhaps. Certainly, encouragement and motivating words may prompt that moment. It is not helped by an urgency to buoy and praise any piece of action however small and unhelpful (e.g., every player is a winner). I have hope that posts like yours will help encourage people to get motivated continually to rise and scale the rainbow for the blue skies.


Thank you for this.

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