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Padmanabha Rao

This is well underway, atleast in dense-large economies such as India, China and Japan.

Carla Pyle

I am very much in tune with “collaboration marketing” - building rich and sustaining relationships through personalized content & interactions. I have been practicing the three “A’s” in my customer interactions ever since I learned about the burgeoning ’maker movement’, in which collaborative workspaces provide the platform for accelerated advancement through open source, or SHARING of tools, information, and individual experience.

This is a model that begs to be nurtured at the LOCAL level, with community involvement becoming the foundation of meaningful change. How better to bring a community together than through stories that educate and entertain in the same breath? To me this is the ultimate “experience bazaar”. The next step would be to take these stories from local to global by making them available through video.

Steve McNally

All reasonable thoughts. Some of the same valid fears flared when towns got second and third papers, when radio stations multiplied and overlapped, when TV grew to a fourth network, then cable. Even the first of the web -- its frictionlessness and lack of brand loyalty -- met with advertiser worries. It's harder to compete. Consolidation of ad spend is real. Better products will come along. Ads will adapt & improve. Even with traditionals investing in and buying them, new visions and teams will find ways -- building is much more frictionless, too.


"We’re moving away from a traditional consumer society where the value resided in ownership of the object itself to one where the value resides in the usage of the product and the impact that we can achieve from that usage."

"New approaches to increase return on attention"

Anything that helps us all move beyond "page views" and "impressions" as the core metrics that matter is a good thing -

Advertisers will do as you suggest to retailers: they'll provide experiences that entertain and inform and a quick return on attention. Product placement, advertorial, whatever's next in "native ads" will morph. If they stay just spots, dots, and banners, they'll die.

Mary Furlong

This is a very important article; it will shape my strategy for the next What's Next conference and inspires me to rethink
Web site development. Just like when you wrote Net Gain,
You are always ahead of the curve. A Must read!!!

Dave Bayless

Product demonstration and lifestyle videos are becoming staples of online marketing. I wonder who might be making effective use of online courses to really help prospective customers learn what they want to know. Might focused online courses be particularly useful to niche vendors who have deep domain knowledge?

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