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Hi John, greetings from Brazil!

Your point about self-actualization summarizes perfectly your comments.

I would humbly add a comment that, in my opinion, the self-actualization concept is directed linked to the idea that we are everlasting learners oriented.

Thank you for such a piece of thought!

Sandro Melo

Luis Alberola

Interesting ... How accurate am I if I think of a world with a few overlords, some happy counsellors around those overlords and then just the rest of us ... Because entrepreneurship is just fine, but it does not create the wealth (entitlements) that the past three generations have counted on to build their lifes.

In the end, I wonder how, in this world you describe, wealth would not end up piling up in the reserves of the multicorns, unable to do anything else with it than returning it to their shareholders, and engaging ever deeper in productivity initiatives...

My fear is that we need a very strong government to push the new regulations that will make this sustainable. See ? Big business, big government and panem and circenses for the masses


Hi John,

This is a great post. As a former community college Dean now engaging regional stakeholders on the future of talent and economy, I share your thinking and propositions. I look forward to connecting with you at some point.



I'm a long time reader of you and JSB, and your thinking has inspired my own work in education in many profound ways. I think this may be the most powerful thing you have written, and the work is to make sure more and more educators understand the contexts that you develop here. It's a hard slog to get them to consider a future that is focused on the "c's" that you articulate here, but this post will definitely be one that I share with the leaders I work with. Thanks. Will Richardson

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