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John Maloney

Thanks for the highly cogent and consequential Edge Perspective. Recalls the USA motto - E pluribus unum. Too many forget it.

The fear is mostly manifest in change. They say no one likes change... except babies.

Most Fed Govt institutions were conceived towards the end of the Victorian Era. They are patently obsolete. The Internet changes everything.

“We need organized abandonment: a systematic withdrawal of resources–money, but above all, people–from yesterday’s efforts." Peter Drucker

Predictably, it was the smarmy coastal aristocrats that spent hundreds of millions to perpetuate the status quo vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton.

The sickening refrain from the coastal elites was, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche." It was soundly repudiated on Nov 8. It's a tough lesson to us all.

Since the guillotines are in museums and unavailable, we ALL need to Create The Future... together!


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