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stan curtis

LIKE: the BIG-SHIFT ... paretian-world (behavior:: power-laws). Quantity-shift::QUALITY (experience::choices)!

ANTHROPOCENE:: behavior economic-platform?
-> CITIES...better caring&sharing patterns?

-> CARE...markets need restructuring for health:care!

-> TRUST networks? .. scaleFREE:: community-by-community (J.jacobs)

-> Pricing? ..Pareto 80:20 real-estate (zoning::policy). local circular-economics... better caring&sharing (app-by-app:: better choices... reward-services).

stan curtis

LIKE: questions-asked...Thx! posted suggestions in FB (photos..ok?).

1) growing value-pie... "beyondGDP"? -> CITIES-as-platform.

2) data-ownership..."Health as WEAL(th)" -> OPEN-commons (data-custodians)... ex: Green Button & City SDK (complete communities::circular-economics)

3) price-signaling... TRUST-building; 3BL "location, location,location" -> community-markets (behavior-pricing) LIVES-matter:: COMPASSION&choices (j.jacobs)

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