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Mr. Hagel,

For me this is an unusual way of thinking. Thank you for writing this post for it has planted a few seeds on how we can get better with our planning for the longer term.


John - this post really hit home based on what I have observed and learned over the last three years of designing narratives for corporations. What started out as a 10 - 20 year view was scaled back to 3 - 5 because the leap was too large in our immersion based approach. That said, the "vision" or "futurecasting" module of our approach really helped to drive home a "leap" is necessary to get out of incremental thinking trap that I see consistently. I find it helpful to supplement immersions with subject matter experts and futurists who can help "pull" the executive teams into a place that is uncomfortable, yet purposeful. Thanks for adding more clarity to the world of corporate narratives.

Leonard Lane

A powerful message for leaders in an exponentialy changing world. Combines the best of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the strategic process

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