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...and the 'definition' of your 'network-net worth' may change on 'age'/'position': 'history' does not ever totally disappear

Nitin Vig

Great post, John. Wanted to get your thoughts on a question related to creation spaces and the core group of 5-15 people, you mentioned?

In your experience, is this core group of people static or can people change and yet the group quality can be maintained? For context, I wanted to share a client situation where they had a core group of people (e.g., founders, early employee, etc.). Over time, the core group shrunk (co-founders had issues, early employees left, etc.) and the client has since struggled to re-create the original mojo. Ofcourse, a core group still exists and it is also connected to the external network but things have not been the same. Its smaller now, not as high quality, etc. Have you seen successful examples where the quality of core group has/can be maintained, even though the people comprising it change? -Nitin


Clarification of my previous comment. At the beginning you certainly write "Looking at net worth in financial terms focuses us on a lagging indicator." But then, you say:

"This is why your personal network is your best leading indicator of net worth in financial terms." I change now my question to "Why in financial terms?"

My understanding is based on an adjustment to Peter F. Drucker question: “What does ‘capitalism’ mean when Knowledge governs – rather than Money?” I now say “What does ‘capitalism’ mean when talent governs – rather than Money?”

Peter Bleyleben

...and the 'definition' of your 'network-net worth' may change on 'age'/'position': 'history' does not ever totally disappear...


Why just financial net worth? What about talent net wealth that a network enables?

Just as an example, I searched and found the post "Which of the 4 Levels of Talent Wealth Does Your Company Have? ( https://www.ere.net/which-of-the-4-levels-of-talent-wealth-does-your-company-have/ )" which, for example, says:

"When it comes to success in business, one measure alone can accurately predict the future –wealth of talent. The more talent wealth an organization has, the more successful that organization will be."

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