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Paula Carvalho

Hi again!
Omg, I messed up. The previous comment meant to be in another post about the Future of Work. Sorry for that.

Paula Carvalho

Hi John,

You know… when you say the word "community" it scares me a little bit.

Community reminds me things like my neighbor saying my garden is not enough tidy or that my daughter’s school need a doctor’s paper saying she is sick when not attending classes because my word is not enough.

It reminds me that because someone in the community said "it's good to run" everybody is running... even running marathons!

And in order to not extending myself too much, community reminds me a bunch of useless rules everywhere controlled by people who have a virus that I call “Small Kingdom Dictator's Syndrome”.

So at some point, because probably my concept of community is wrong, maybe we could scope more this word in order to better shape this idea.
It got very clear for example your definition for “institutions”, but community… not yet, not for me.

Thank you for enlightening us with your amazing posts!


Thanks for refresh on how to think about applying Narrative. Here’s to making narrative indespensible in 2018.

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