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Tim Glover

Wonderful piece, in particular the Opportunity Stance, vs Threat Stance.

Because you asked for a suggestion for an opportunity based narrative, I would point to the “potential” in the mashup of:

1) Impact Investing if it were to embrace a very meaningful and big ideal such as that put forward by a movement like the
2) Breakthrough Energy Coalition created by Bill Gates or some other equally holistic (but slightly more inclusive/opportunity biased) call to action AND it was premised on a
3) Open IP Transformation Platform that provided the context for founders in concert with an aligned ecosystem of participants (with or without equity participation) to collaboratively learn how to achieve Desired Performance Results through transformed behaviour that provides individuals, the business (and potentially their value chain) the capacity needed to overcome and sustain whatever unconscious bias is triggered by their behavioural (bandwidth) stretch.


Many thanks John bringing up something I am also passionate about.

When I had to leave BMW Plant Leipzig (where I had learned what it meant to find the nurturing conditions for awesomeness to grow from an idea of a visionary plant manager to being part of the e-mobility future) I felt the urge to share my learnings and experiences.

Soon enough, this emerged into flow of writing sharing with the world my personal path, or narrative you'd call it.

When I joined the MOOC u.lab for the first time it was like finding others who were on a similar quest, and it felt good to bond (mostly digitally and initially locally as well).

2008 around that time of the year I shared a “dream“ during an elevator pitch event which I attended by sheer curiosity whether I could do it. This is whas come out since then “A Team Action Lea(r)ning — A Journey into the Future” @RalfLippold https://medium.com/@ralflippold/when-dynamic-complexity-drives-a-dream-a32c70409bf6

Learning in short, or #PresencingStatus:

1. Good - positive surprises happen along the way

2. Tricky - impact(s) of a narrative take time, stay with it not always easy

3.Learned - just share the thoughts on a digital medium for yourself (in the beginning), it may inspire others later

4. Action - stumbled across your post John via Facebook, I could not not leave it without personal thoughts and adding something to the narrative

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